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LED controllers for fish tank lighting (fresh and sea water) and LEDs are in stock and available immediately. Nonetheless, please plan your demands in good time.

CoolTWILED 3.x is a wireless programmable 12channel LED controller/driver board. Configuration is possible via browser on almost any platform: Windows, Linux, Android, Apple IOS.

New: 20 Watt CVU LEDs combine cyan (490nm), violet (420nm) and UV (380nm & 400nm).

On request, CoolTWILED 3.x SLAVE / BlueTWILED 2.x SLAVE is available with fan ports (so that two additional fans can be connected per board).

Please order via email

If you have questions, please read the pages below “Available for ordering”.

Please order via email:

Available for ordering


Fresh water and marine aquariums of our customers (built using our lighting controllers and LEDs).

No longer available

Other projects


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Please order via email:

Special items and remaining stock

Here you can find items which will be sold out soon and/or which will not necessarily be back ordered.

Spare displays and 20x4 displays

CoolTWILED and BlueTWILED are shipped along with a 16×2 display (2 lines with 16 characters each). There are also these 20×4 displays (4 lines with 20 characters each) available. Dimensions: 98 mm x 60 mm (3.9“ x 2.4”; display board) and 76 mm x 26 mm (3“ x 1”; visible area).

The display mode can be switched from “16×2” to “20×4” in the expert options. To display sun and moon altitudes and moon phase (like shown below), set all 12 channel descriptions to “(unnamed)”.

  • Display 20×4 (ready for connection): 15 EUR plus shipping
  • Display 16×2 (ready for connection): 10 EUR plus shipping
  • Surcharge display 20×4: 10 EUR

Mounting kit

Each four M3 screws and nuts (stainless steel A2), 15 mm (0.6“) spacers and washers (plastic).

  • Mounting kit: 4 EUR plus shipping

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