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LED controllers for fish tank lighting (fresh and sea water) and LEDs are in stock and available immediately. Nonetheless, please plan your demands in good time.


CoolTWILED 3.x: Wireless programmable 12channel LED controller/driver board. Configuration is possible via browser on almost any platform: Windows, Linux, Android, Apple IOS.

RGB LEDs now with a deep red (660nm) channel for enhanced coral and plant growth.

On request, CoolTWILED 3.x SLAVE / BlueTWILED 2.x SLAVE is available with fan ports (so that two additional fans can be connected per board).

Please order via email

If you have questions, please read the pages below “Available for ordering”. Please order via email:

Available for ordering


Fresh water and marine aquariums of our customers (built using our lighting controllers and LEDs).

No longer available

Other projects


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Aquarium light DIY kit for fresh and sea water - Simulate sunrise, sunset, clouds, lightning and moon phases in your fish tank

This aquarium light was built using BlueTWILED 2.x and 8pcs 10 watt pure white and 2pcs 10 watt RGB LEDs for fish tanks. The fish tank measures 120 by 40 by 50 cm³ (3.9 by 1.3 by 1.6 cu.ft.), close to 240 liters (63 gal).

The micro controller on BlueTWILED drives the LEDs so that the shown play of colors occurs. All points in time and the colors are freely programmable by IR remote (optional), Android app and/or Windows software. For easy adjustment there is already a default setting for twilight, sunrise, daylight, sunset and twilight present. On top of that clouds are being simulated. Thunderstorms with lightning and a moon phase simulation are available as well.

For cooling purposes the LEDs in this example are mounted onto a 3 mm (1/8“) thick aluminium plate, which is cooled by two quiet fans. BlueTWILED also controls those depending on brightness (= power).

The above video shows the “transition from red to blue”, i.e. the actual sunset before twilight hour. The fading happens smoothly, without any visible steps, within one minute. You can see that the fish are already conditioned, since they are automatically fed about three minutes after nightfall. So the transition already causes a bit of disturbance.

Much more tranquility can be observed in the following videos of our customers fish tanks:

Here you can see refraction and shadow effects during daylight, which can only be generated by point-shaped light sources such as the sun (or LEDs or HQI lamps):

The illumination controller can be used for both fresh and salt water. Corals love short wavelengths, so cold white and royal blue LEDs are ideal.

A few still images, provided by our customers:

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